Jan Stackhouse

I am Jan Stackhouse, and I have created this experience for you exclusively.

My entire working career has been in tourism and more recently as an expert tour planner and guide in Rome and throughout Italy. I will be with you throughout your stay.

I fell in love with Italy, an Italian, and Italian living, over 40 years ago, and I want you to dive in with all your senses, starting with this “hands-on” cooking experience.

I also LOVE TO COOK and I love to get close to nature. In Italy generally, traditions are jealously guarded in respect and appreciation of mother nature’s offerings, and understanding how to cook them to release the most heavenly flavours, smells and tastes, and appreciate their nutritional benefits, is a personal enrichment in terms of mental and physical food health. A poem every time!

Through cooking lessons, tasting sessions, and cultural encounters with artisans who knowingly transform the fruits of the earth into all manner of delights for you to see, smell, touch and taste, you will learn to distinguish the unique flavours of Tuscany and Umbria, kissed by the legendary Tuscan Sun.